Ferries have long been a speciality of Ferguson's - supplying key UK ferry companies with state-of-the art vessels for over a hundred years. The first of these was back in 1908 - a vehicle/passenger ferry for the Clyde Navigation Trust.

In more recent times we have been privileged to supply ferries to Caledonian McBrayne/CMAL, Western Ferries and Red Funnel.

In 2013, Ferguson’s launched the 'MV Hallaig' the world's first Hybrid Ferry for Caledonian McBrayne, following  up with two more Hybrids and now continuing on the innovation trail by starting the construction of two new 100m LNG Ferries, also for Caledonian McBrayne.

MV Hallaig

the World's first RoRo hybrid ferry
for: CMAL/Caledonian McBrayne


499g. 40n. 43.5 x 12.12. x 3.00m.

2 diesel generators 349kw each connected to 2 electric motors powering Voith Schneider, multi-directional propellers. 2 banks of 375Kw. batteries. Driven by 2 x permanent magnet motors of 375kw each.

The MV Hallaig, which carries 150 passengers and 23 cars or 2 HGV's between Sconser and Raasay, is noted for its silent running.

  • MV Catriona - 3rd Hybrid

    727/delivery 2016

    for: CMAL/Caledonian McBrayne
    (currently fitting out)

  • Two 100m LNG - RoRo ferries

    delivery 2017/18

    for: CMAL/Caledonian McBrayne
    (under construction)

  • MV Loch Shira- RoRo ferry

    721/ 2007

    for: CMAL/Caledonian McBrayne 


  • Sound of Shuna - RoRo ferry


    for: Western Ferries (Clyde) Limited


  • Red Falcon & Red Osprey


    for: Red Funnel Group
    (vessels since extended)


  • Lord of the Isles - RoRo Ferry


    for: CMAL/Caledonian McBrayne


Further Information

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