Lighthouse Tenders & Smaller Vessels

One area of specialism for Ferguson's has been the provision of tender vessels for the all-important Lighthouse service, with a number of vessels continuing to serve successfully or doing so, having been converted to other duties.

As a category generalisation, "smaller vessels" is an over-simplification for a very important part of both maritime traffic and the Ferguson's story.

From large numbers of humble sludge vessels to more sophisticated split-hull ash disposal, the yard has fulfilled and supported the less fashionable but essential workhorses of the sea. Continuing the tradition of flexibility in its contemporary role, the £12m redeveloped yard will see Ferguson Marine ready to service the recovery of the Workboat market.

MV Pharos

Lighthouse tender
for: Northern Light House Board

1,986g. 595n. 79.58 x 14.00 x 5.75m.

5 Oil engines driving 3 generators each 750Kw 660v A.C. 2 generators each 364Kw. 660v A.C. connected two 2 electric motors each 1292shp (950Kw.) Fitted with helipad and 20t SWL buoy handling crane. 

  • Pole Star - lighthouse tender


    for: Northern Lighthouse Board


  • MVA hopper ash disposal vessel renamed Endeavour


    for: Central Electricity Generating Board


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